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another update kiddies!!!!!!!

well its that time again... updating time!!! yeah i know some of you are excited... no not really ehh??? oh well here it is.

well footballs over with. i miss it like NO other. i cant wait until next year!!!! boys its gunna be one fun season next year!

well school sucks as you all know but whatever. volleyball... thinking of trying out, but i dont know if i'll make it cuz of the AAU team over the summer or whatever. (politics softballers know what im talking about) but who knows????

i got asked to play for st.theclas softball team for CYO but i might not play cuz of track but i might i dont know yet. but the answer has to come soon cuz the tryout dates are soon (like in feb. but it'll come by fast) i dont know softballs like my life so i probably will.

uhhhh... people are gay... they keep asking me why i didnt try out for the BOYS basketball team. and i said "im a GIRL theres a bit of a difference there buddy" although girls DO have the right to try out for BOYS sports. (FOOTBALL IS NOT A BOYS SPORT!! IT DOES NOT SAY BOYS FOOTBALL (except in the pics cuz they only had boys until this year) ANYWHERE ON THE BANNERS IN OUR GYM!!!!) but i dont really like organized basketball i like streetball better. so people that keep asking me stop cuz its a gay/faggy/annoying question to ask me.

nothing else really to talk about... so ill put in some randoms then you kids can comment. =D



2. i miss football =(

3.softball starts in like... 5 or 6 months???

4.i like someone XD

5.its NOT Richard

6.ITS NOT AUSTIN!!!! (look @ random #1)

7. im listening to Mariah Carey =)

8.She is my idol (for singing)


10.people can be gay at times

11.this is my LAST year playing 12&u ball =(

12.IM STARTING CATCHER THIS YEAR FOR MY TRAVEL TEAM!!! playing football next year =D

14.but not in high school =(

15.most of the boys i hang out with are at the basketball tryouts right now

16.I LOVE LLAMAS!! fish's name is Shanaynay (thanks to Kianush for that idea)

18.the person i like is my 2nd best friend

19.i LOVE lime sherbert from school.

20.i dont like speds cuz they ask me too many questions. computer number is 17 in the computer lab at school


23. now im listening to GASOLINA by DADDY YANKEE!!

24.i have a friend whos from Puerto Rico and hes AWESOME

25. im 36.5% black (litterally im not joking)




♥ Lizzy ♥

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Lizzy is like the coolest
middle schooler I know :]
Cristina is one of the top 10 highschoolers i know!!!!
LOL. Thanks Lizzy :)
18.the person i like is my 2nd best friend

is that me? jw
haha. no your like my 5th best friend (hey your in the top 10 be happy!)
oh its on!!! my dog shanana brings all da fishys to da yard dang right mah dawg shanaynay is better than yos my dawg can teach to you but he has to charge at SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL(in mrs roys room ESCUELA)
well shanaynay just turned into a fish so i gots to go feeds him ya'll peace. i bet you my dawg shanaynay can say peace better than yo dawg shanaynay thats really a fish
wow kianush... good times good times

SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOL! (now my sister does it)

OOOOOHHH my shanaynay is WAAAAAAAAY better than your shanaynay times 11ty twelve @ typing cuz it brings all the boys to the yard. she can teach you but she has to charge.

IM me sometime OMGEEEitsLIZZY
SHANAYNAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS MAH MAMA THAT GOES TO SCHOOOLLLLL BETTER THAN YO' dawg shanaynay, my dawg shanaynay transforms into a cow that doesnt produce milk but orange juice better than yo dawg shanaynay my dawg can cast a MAGIC SPELL THAT TURNS young buck into a frog betta' than yo dawg shanaynay, mah dawg can join the chinese mafia be4 yo dawg shanaynay. KATIE DIDUR IS A ZEBRA THAT IS REALLY ERIWIN WILSON
hey you updated :)

miss you

yes i did =)

miss you too!