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wow its been awhile

jeez its been like almost a month since i last updated. i havent had time cuz of homework n stuff and i just really dont feel like it but whatever. since AUSTIN has been nagging me about it for like 2 weeks now i guess i'll update.

so heres whats going on in my life... blows
2.boys are dumb (only some and most of you know who i'm talking about)
3.volleyball tryouts are soon =D
4.i sucked at bowling club today (i bowled a 70 and 102 =()
5.i'm not playing for thunder anymore this year
6.i'm playing CYO =D class sucks butt (but there are some sweet people in that class)
8.our school dances suck
9.i need to hang out with A LOT of people
10.coheed and cambria is my new favorite band
11.gerard way is hot
12.i hate a certain person one comments in my livejournal anymore (HINT HINT)
14.i have a myspace but i'll still be using livejournal
15.thats my update =D

yeah i don't really feel like updating right now. that's basically why i haven't updated.

yep that's it

p.s. i'm so tired right now i NEED sleep like NO other
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