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well well well...

yep its that time again... i update the ell jayyy

well school all last week except on mon. and tues. were 1/2 days so that was nice. and i got all A's on my report card. =D yeah i know what your thinking...nerddd haha. actually no im getting good grades cuz of the sports. yeah and i live for them.

ummm... im failing english right now tho cuz of the stupid novel we're reading/done with finally. but i'll bring it up eventually. so yeah...

what else???? oh yeah!! i saw chicken little and hung out with chels, joel and nicole over the weekend so that was awesome.

no softball practice till january. can you say GAYYY???
so that means running for me everyday. =/
i should buy a treadmill
or use the schools???

volleyball starts up soon =D i hope i make the team. if not i'll join AAU or something like that.

almost everyone has a b/f or g/f but me cuz im a loser who gets denied.
the next party is dec. 2nd =D
im gunna party like its 1995 =P

AUSTIN AND I NEED TO PLAY CRAINUM!! we still havent done that buddy. =P

i stopped poking matt

and i like someone.

i dont feel like updating anymore so comment pleaseeeeeeeee
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