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time for another update kiddiessss =D


well tuesday we played MSS and won 14-6 =D i was on kickoff recieving team which was okay but i had NO idea what i was doing cuz i had to skip practice on monday cuz of... you gussed it... catechism =( but it was okay. all they told me was if its an onside kick fall on it. im like okay i can do that. but obviously NO onside kick happended so i blocked. yeah it was pretty cool. but i ruined like 4 plays while i was on Offence so yeah i guess i had a REALLY REALLY bad game day. but ill make up for it tomorrow (if i ever get to play) so yeah our season is 3-0-1 and we play Romeo tomorrow @ home @ 3:30 (yeah its a half day but whatever) so BE THERE!!!!!

uhhh dadadadaaaaa MEAPS are done... FINALLY!!! school just suckss... friends are awesome!!! =D

okay my weekend was AWESOMEEEE

on saturday my mom sister and i went shopping all day then we came back and did like nothing. but its all good. SUNDAY i had practice from 2 till like 345 or w/e and NO ONE showeed up until like 2 so that was gayy yeah its gunna be a LOOOOOOONG season. =/ not too thrilled about it. then i came home took a shower then went to the movies with MEGAN and RICHARD =D it was fun uhhh we saw.. INTO THE BLUE! yeah and didnt get back until like 9 on a school night and my dad was mad so i was like whatever.

yeah today was alright. same old stuff...

OOHHHHHH!!! on tuesday @ our game @ south there was this gurl there and she called EVERYONE ugly but when she pointed to me she was like OMGZZ ITS A FLIPPEN HE/SHE!!! and i was like bitch u better run. and i took a step toward her and she ran away. then i flicked her off. and everyone was like "ITS ABOUT TO BE A WHAT GIRLFIGHTTT!!!" then i said "no its about to be a BITCH fight" haha I love the football team. they're all sooooo rad. im gunna be sad when it ends =( i dont want it to... i love it soooooo muchhh

ANYWHOOO!!!! yeah check out my layout journal sometime! i take requests n stuff so if you want a layout or something lemme know!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ i think im in love... ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ...with you ♥ ♥ ♥
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