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time to updateeeee

yeah well i havent done this thing in like what 8 days??? ehhh im really really really busy so i dont keep track anymore =P haha so heres an update for you kidssss

uhhh yeah monday MEAPS started... theyre gay i went to football for a 1/2 hour then catechism... yeah ya'll should know this by now.

tuesday we had a game against Iroquois and tied it 0-0. our record now is 2-0-1 =D pretty soon it'll be 5-0-1 =D =D

wednesday basically did nothing after football except do homework then went to bed

thursday went to football after school, did conditioning. then homework then did nothing

TODAY-TGIF!!!! school, MEAPS (GAYYYYY), football... WE DID THE LAST HALF HOUR CONDITIONING!!!! we were SOOOOOOO pumped up at the end it was awesome. i did some defensive work which was awesome. i went up against the super duper AUSTIN!! yeah it was fun today. then i went to the homecoming game with Nick and Peter. i hung out with them, Ally and her boyfriend?? idk it was fun though... HAHA SUGAR RUSHESS hah good times good times. yeah so tonight was good.

tomorrow i have A LOT to do...
Ortho @ 9 AM!!! grrrzzzz
then going to cut my grandmas grass RIGHT after
probably eating there or somewhere?? all depends
coming back
calling nick and then we're working on the castle project. thats due Wednesday... yeah so tomorrow should be SOMEWHAT good in the morning/afternoon, at least im hoping

haha i have Gasolina on repeat. this is like my 25th time listening to it in a row =P yeah i know im rad.


okay well anyways ya'll know the drill...

yeah im thinking i'll update when i feel like it now. it might be weekly or monthly or w/e... just whenever i feel like updating. so comment and maybe JUST maybe i'll update AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!!!! so comment... yeahh....

=P =D

♥ ♥ ♥ Lizzy ♥ ♥ ♥
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